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Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesFederal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and vice chair Janet Yellen. Morgan Stanley interest rate strategist Matthew Hornbach is tired of the incessant chattering about “the taper” (the moment when the Fed starts to reduce the pace of monthly asset purchases). Whether it happens in December, January, or March is not that big of a deal anymore. Everyone knows it’s coming and the ultimate impact of the timing at this point isn’t a big deal. So what should you be talking about: Everything else the Fed does while it tapers. What other language tools will it use in conjunction with a slowing rate of asset purchases? Best Wireless Telecom Companies To Own In Right Now: Rewards Nexus Inc (ERNI) Rewards Nexus Inc., formerly NIS Holdings Corp., incorporated on June 21, 2004, through its subsidiaries, operates in the loyalty/rewards industry. The Company has launched the Earn IQ … Continue reading

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“I don’t know why this strategy isn’t written about more in the press,” Marty Sass innocently remarked. “Maybe it sounds too complicated.” The strategy to which Sass referred is “covered call option writing against attractive equities with growing dividends combined with the purchase of index put options for downside protection.” Not complicated at all. While it might sound facetious, when the CEO and chairman of independent investment management firm MD Sass with $8 billion under management, explained the strategy, it really is easily understood. “It has three ingredients,” Sass told ThinkAdvisor on Thursday. “The first is buying undervalued, high quality stocks with better yields than the S&P 500 delivers. The second is selling covered calls with attractive premiums out of the money. The last is buying index puts out of the money for additional downside protection.” It currently results in cash flow from dividends that average 2.5%, compared with 2.1%the market is … Continue reading

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Americans have been hearing a lot about the rapid increase in oil production within our borders. However, the lack of this connection to the price of gasoline at the pump has many of them questioning the dislocation. With supply increasing and domestic demand decreasing, shouldn’t the price be reduced to a point of equilibrium? It’s basic economics, right? Unfortunately, we aren’t the only consumers of gasolineIf the United States were isolated in a vacuum, my answer would be a resounding yes. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case. Exports have been growing at an alarming rate for gasoline used in automobiles. Since 2000, Mexico has been the dominant purchaser, but as of November 2011 Venezuela has been opening its ports at an alarming rate. Recent Venezuelan activityFrom November 2011 until January of this year, it has gone from importing next to zero gasoline from the U.S. to accounting for 20% of … Continue reading

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In this video, Matt Koppenheffer outlines three areas to watch with Goldman Sachs. First, the economy. Goldman Sachs is an investment bank, and much of its business comes from investing as well as mergers/acquisitions, equity, and debt offerings. If the economy tanks, Goldman Sachs revenues will likely decline. Second, the European economy and the PIIGS countries. Goldman Sachs has limited exposure to these countries, but continued debt problems in the PIIGS countries could be a drag on the rest of the European economy. Lastly, executive compensation. Goldman Sachs pays its top brass well, but its expense ratio is actually lower than those of its competitors in this regard. If Goldman Sachs has to up the ante to attract top talent, that could signal problems with the company. During the financial crisis, Goldman Sachs did so well pivoting to avoid the worst of the fallout that it had to downplay its … Continue reading

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