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Related IYF Banking Ain't Easy But It's Necessary Small Bank Earnings Is Here: What To Watch Related EUFN Take The Dividends, Leave The Banks With This ETF: International Edition A Bearish Bank ETF European Banks And Brexit, How Will This Play Out? (Seeking Alpha) In a note out Thursday, Mint Partners analyst Bill Blain discusses the ECB decision to cut its primary interest rate to 0 percent. According to Blain, the rate cut and further easing will continue to work wonders for European financial markets while doing very little to support the real underlying economy. “I am absolutely sure M. Draghi is well aware of the gapping difference between the real European economy and the ECB’s make-believe financial economy. Hope is not a strategy. Problem is, the structures and strictures of the Euro and the ECB political masters don’t allow him to acknowledge the inherent contradictions and likely failure of … Continue reading

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Sherwin Williams (SHW) has gained 14% this year and is trading near it’s 52-week high. It’s still worth buying, saysRichard Chilton,Chief Investment Officer, Chilton Investment Company who spoke at the SALT Conference in Las Vegas today. Chilton first bought Sherwin Williamsduring the depths of the Great Recession. Why? “Paint is a good business,” he says. “There are 134 million homes in the US. I like knowing that when I got to bed at night…there paint will be peeling.” And while Sherwin Williamshas had quite a run, there’s a good reason to buy now: Its acquisition of Valspar (VAL). The deal, which was announced in March, makes a lot of sense, Chilton says. Both companies make paints and industrial coatings. sherwin Williams, though, has high profit margins in paint and lower margins in industrial coatings, while Valspar has high margins in industrial coatings and low margins in paint. Chilton expects the … Continue reading

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When Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (VRX)finally released its 10-K last month, one of the takeaways was that there were no new investigations that were disclosed in the filing. Today, however, we learned that the existing investigations might be more problematic than originally thought. The Wall Street Journal quoted the SEC as writing that it was “concerned with your overall format and presentation of the non-GAAP measures and believe revisions to your future earnings releases and investor materials are appropriate.” Wells Fargo’s David Maris and team looked at same back-and-forth between Valeant Pharmaceuticals and the SEC that was released earlier today, and come away feeling uneasy about the direction of ongoing investigations into the beleaguered specialty-pharmaceutical company. They explain: Reuters As indicated in one of our recent notes (published 5/17/16), we had requested through a FOIA process these documents related to recent tax correspondence, and the SEC had told us that it … Continue reading

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When it comes to wedding gifts, its not just the thought that counts. The money counts, too. The average wedding guest will spend $127 on a gift for a family member, according to a 2016 American Express spending survey, and $99 on a gift for a friend. Youre wasting your money by giving gifts that brides and grooms dont want and wont use. See Also on Kiplinger: 11 Gifts You Can’t Return to Amazon The safe course, naturally, is to stick to the couples gift registry. The key to giving a good wedding gift is pretty simple: Get the couple what they want and what they have asked for, says Sarah Trotter of Lasting Impressions Weddings of Minnetonka, Minn. Nothing on the registry you like or can afford? Then give cash, says Trotter. The 1,803 adults surveyed by American Express concur: 37% prefer gifts from a registry, followed by cash … Continue reading

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Related AAPL Cloud Suppliers Are 'Dramatically' Increasing Spending In 2016, But Why? Aranca Research Speculates Apple, Exxon Could Buy a Significant Amount of Stock Job Growth Slows And Exports Fall, Both For Third Straight Month (Investor’s Business Daily) Over the past three months, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares have lost more than 55 percent as investors worried about the company’s sagging iPhone sales. The firm was a market darling in 2015, delivering huge returns to shareholders, but this year, the company’s shine has faded significantly following a lackluster fourth-quarter earnings report. Top Industrial Conglomerate Companies To Watch In Right Now: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.(GMCR) Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. engages in the specialty coffee and coffee maker business. The company sources, produces, and sells approximately 200 varieties of coffee, cocoa, teas, and other beverages in K-Cup portion packs and coffee in traditional packaging, including whole bean and ground coffee … Continue reading