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Facebook (NASDAQ: FB  ) fans may be surprised to learn that its new Home application is off to a bumpy start. Facebook Home essentially transforms select (for now) Android OS smartphones into, as Facebook puts it, “the mobile experience that puts your friends at the heart of your phone.” A Facebook phone probably looked great on paper, but according to feedback from many users who’ve downloaded the new app from Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG  ) online app store, the reality is something else entirely. What’s not to like?A recent IDC study on smartphone usage appear to make a sound argument in favor of a Facebook phone. The study was sponsored by Facebook, so, naturally, it focused on facets of the smartphone user experience of interest to the social media giant. Not surprisingly, much of what IDC learned was exactly what Facebook wanted to hear. Still, the study does offer an intriguing look into … Continue reading

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Falling oil prices are bringing smiles to millions of Americans, but they’re also creating headaches for energy companies. Watch for this story to play out during the upcoming earnings season. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) For Corporate America, it really is a tale of two cities. It’s the best of times for consumer and transportation companies. They are capitalizing on extremely cheap gas that’s left consumers flush with cash. As earnings season begins this week, these companies appear poised to reveal strong profit growth thanks to higher demand and lower energy costs. On the other hand, it’s the worst of times for the energy sector, which is bracing for a dramatic tumble in profits due to the surprise crash in oil prices. As oil fell from over $100 in the summer to below $50 now, everyone from Big Oil producers to drillers and oil services companies is taking a hit. Best Oil … Continue reading

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The US automobile sales are expected to end at a solid note with the commencement of the holiday season. All the automakers along with their dealers are trying to make the maximum from this festive season. Detroits General Motors (GM) and Ford (F), South Koreas Hyundai, and other automakers expect to cash in on this conventional holiday shopping frenzy. This is good time for carmakers to offer special incentives to clear off their closing stock. The second largest US auto giant Ford expects this weekend sales to be enormous as the footfall shall rise from Black Friday. Past trends encourage great expectations Fords expectation of a solid Black Friday sales is based on the trend seen in previous years during the holiday season. Black Friday online lead rose 17% for the automaker last year, in comparison to any other Friday in November. The best leads came from the F-150 which … Continue reading

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Is this the fourth or the fifth technical problem that Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA has experienced with the two 787 Dreamliners it recently purchased? Hey, whos counting? Well, Norwegian Air Shuttle is — and it has demanded a meeting with Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) executives later this week to make the airlines position perfectly clear. Monday morning saw one of the airlines Dreamliners grounded due to problems with the oxygen supply to the cockpit. On the previous day, technicians had repaired a valve problem on the airlines other 787. Problems with the aircrafts brakes, hydraulic pumps and electrical system have kept one or another of Norwegian Airs Dreamliners on the ground for a good portion of the past three weeks. An airline spokesperson told Reuters: We are going to tell them this situation is far from good enough. We have not had the reliability that we had expected from brand … Continue reading

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