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NEW YORK (TheStreet) — We’re gonna keep today’s wrap short and sweet, because the chart at the bottom is all that matters. Traditional media outlets and everyone else continue to offer ad nauseum opinions about high-frequency trading — not  thoughts on whether or not the markets are rigged, but on how rigged they are and how badly we’re all getting screwed. The stock market just keeps chugging higher, making money for buy-and-hold investors everywhere (otherwise known as “Main Street”). Excuse us as we shed no tears for the largest institutions — many of which invested in high-frequency trading operations after noticing that their traditional source of skim (commissions) has been trending mercilessly towards zero. Please carry on as you were, offering us little guys minute price improvements on our trades and otherwise not affecting much of us at all. Chart of Day = $SPX New High Close on a breakout in breadth … Continue reading

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Halliburton (HAL), Schlumberger (SLB) and Baker Hughes (BHI). Three oil services firms with three very different responses to news today. Bloomberg First up, Halliburton. It reported a profit of 93 cents a share, above forecasts for 89 cents, yet Halliburton’s shares have dropped 1.8% to $49.76. Citigroup’s Robin Shoemaker and Mark Brown explain why: …the stock is trading lower today largely because the company cited several negative factors that are impacting its Latin America operations in 2014… The major challenge comes from Brazil, where offshore drilling activity fell in 2013 and is expected to decline further in 2014. Halliburton won a large multi-year drilling services contract fromPetrobras (PBR) before offshore activity began to slow. After putting in place the people and infrastructure to execute the contract, [Halliburton] has been very disappointed with the volume of drilling services work that Petrobras has needed under the terms of the contract… Top Oil … Continue reading

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Shares of Lululemon Athletica (LULU) have popped in after-hours trading on reports that founder Chip Wilson will sell his stake in the company. Reuters has the details: REUTERS Chip Wilson, the founder ofLululemon AthleticaInc, has agreed not to wage a proxy contest on the yoga apparelmaker, in return for two additional director positions and number of other governance changes, the company said on Thursday. As part of the agreement, Wilson will sell half of his 27 percent stake to private equity firm Advent International for $845 million. Advent will add two of its senior managers, David Mussafer and Steve Collins – to Lululemon’s board, expanding it to 12 members. Mussafer will take the role as co-chairman alongside existing chairman Michael Casey. Shares of Lululemon have gained 6.8% to $41.69 at 5:34 p.m. in after-hours trading after dropping 2.4% during regular market hours today. Hot International Stocks To Watch Right Now: … Continue reading

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Warren Buffett has been nothing short of a master dealmaker for the better part of five decades now. Through a disciplined approach that stresses the understanding of a company’s fundamental business model, as well as buying and holding businesses, not stocks, over a very long period of time, Buffett has played Wall Street like a violin. Dating back to 1970, Buffett’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A  ) (NYSE: BRK-B  ) , has not once in 43 years had its five-year average gain in book value per share underperform the average five-year performance of the S&P 500. I can’t even begin to describe how phenomenal that is, given the multiple recessions we’ve endured as a country. It might just be safe to say that Warren Buffett knows a thing or two about investing and buying undervalued companies. Some of his latest purchases include railroad BNSF, which gives Berkshire exposure to consumer-goods and … Continue reading

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Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) is unveiling new technology for cloud applications. The semiconductor and processor giant is bringing out new systems-on-chip (SoCs) to optical fiber for cloud-optimized products on network, storage, microservers and rack designs. Most investors know that Intel has missed out on much of the move to mobile processing, but now Intel is trying to rapidly expand other areas outside of its traditional dominance in processors for PCs and servers. The company’s new portfolio of data center products and technologies is targeted toward cloud service providers, with greater efficiency and flexibility into infrastructure. The market for servers and network and storage infrastructure is said to be migrating into the microserver, cold storage and entry networking segments. Intel plans to help cloud providers boost their utilization rates while driving down costs. Intel’s new SoCs are the first Intel products based on the Silvermont micro-architecture and are coming out nine … Continue reading