Hot Heal Care Stocks To Own For 2017

In this March 22, 2017 photo, the Charging Bull and Fearless Girl statues face each other on Lower Broadway in New York. Since 1989, the bronze bull has stood in New York City’s financial district as an image of the might and hard-charging spirit of Wall Street. But the installation of the bold girl defiantly standing in the bull’s path has transformed the meaning of one of New York’s....More>>>

Look out, taxes from an IRA can sneak up on you

Due to the standard deduction and personal exemptions, every taxpayer has an amount of income they can receive at no taxation. The first tax bracket above the tax-free amount is just 10% but it doesn’t take a huge amount of taxable income to increase taxes more than one would expect.

Q.: Dan, I turn 63 next month. I have been on Social Security Disability since 53 or 10 years. It’s....More>>>

Cell MedX Corp. Takes Leap of Faith On the Road to FDA Approval

It sure looks like modern medicine is taking a turn for the better in the new millennium with a much bigger focus now on preventative medicine and technology that heals, rather than masking a medical condition with pain relief or a slowing process for the condition in question.

Now, however, at every turn in the biotech space, we’re seeing educational institutions and development stage....More>>>

Best Medical Stocks To Own For 2017

Congress has another reason not to roll back Obamacare too quickly: New research suggests that repealing two major provisions of Obamacare without replacing them right away could cost the nation 3 million jobs and trigger negative economic impacts that would extend far beyond the health care industry.

The report was released Thursday by the Commonwealth Fund and George Washington University’s....More>>>

best securities to invest in

Although the S&P 500 closed slightly lower Thursday, the index is still near its all time high as investors continue to enjoy an 8-year bull market.

However, many equity analysts remain cautious as stocks appear to be trading at inflated multiples. Goldman Sachs even went on record saying that they believe the U.S. bull market is in its last few innings.

But what is an enterprising....More>>>