Best Stocks To Buy For 2018

Today I’d like share you 4 best stocks to buy for 2018.

Best Stocks To Buy For 2018: Fanhua Inc. (NASDAQ:FANH)

Fanhua Inc. (NASDAQ:FANH) announced its earnings results on Monday. The financial services provider reported $0.32 EPS for the quarter, reports. Fanhua had a net margin of 3.92% and a return on equity of 6.11%. The company had revenue of $149.42 million during....More>>>

Top Stocks For 2018

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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is changing life in China’s Northwest Xinjiang Uyghur region, bringing something special to the region: seafood from Pakistan.

This little bonus is being shipped by container trucks through the corridor, which currently accounts for 2 percent of the total trade....More>>>

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For many people, homeownership is a major life goal, and they spend years saving to purchase their first home. But should owning a home come at the expense of other financial goals, like saving for retirement?

The answer is no. But a January 2017 Bankrate survey found that, in fact, more than one in three mortgages has a major impact on the borrower’s ability to save. And that may mean....More>>>

IRS Private Debt Collectors Accused Of Pressuring Taxpayers, Breaking The Law


A new law which went into effect this year directs the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to hand over some unpaid tax bills to private agencies for collections. The law was pushed through despite the failures of past privatization efforts and despite concerns about what privatization efforts might mean for taxpayers (including those recently expressed by Treasury Inspector....More>>>

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Could at least $5 billion of student loans be erased?

As reported by the New York Times, about $5 billion of student loan debt owned by the National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts – one of the nation’s largest owners of student loans – could be erased by judges due to alleged improper documentation and missing ownership....More>>>