Best Insurance Companies To Buy For 2014

They hope they don’t die before they get old.

Possessing a heavy streak of nihilism when they came of age two decades ago, as well as an equally weighty rejection of the materialistic 1980s, Generation X’s cynicism was matched only by its clothes and music. They had the anti-authoritarian streak of their Baby Boomer elders, just without all the free love and flowers.

How times have changed. Now well into their forties, the grunge generation is listing things as lame as life insurance and retirement planning as top concerns.

A retirement study from LIMRA conducted in July found Generation X tended to be more concerned that they would not have enough money for retirement than their younger and older counterparts.

While it might seem surprising, given the attention mobile device-loving Generation Y has received of late, only a quarter of Generation Y consumers (ages 18 to 32) and three in 10 Baby Boomers (age 49 to 68) were very concerned about having enough money for retirement, compared with 36% of Gen X consumers.

Best Insurance Companies To Buy For 2014: Citizens Inc (CIA)

Citizens, Inc. (Citizens), incorporated on November 8, 1977, is an insurance holding company serving the life insurance needs of individuals in the United States. The Company operates in three segments: Life Insurance, Home Service and Other Non-insurance Enterprises. Its core insurance operations include issuing and servicing the United States Dollar-denominated ordinary whole life insurance and endowment policies predominantly to high net worth, high income foreign residents, principally in Latin America and the Pacific Rim, through independent marketing consultants; ordinary whole life insurance policies to middle income households concentrated in the midwest and southern United States through independent marketing consultants, and final expense and limited liability property policies to middle and lower income households in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi through employee and independent agents in its home service distribution channel.

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