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Following the release of the Dodd-Frank Act supervisory stress test 2017 (DFAST 2017) results last week, the Federal Reserve approved the capital plans of all 34 financial institutions participated in the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR).

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC), Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C), Fifth Third Bancorp (NYSE:FIT), Comerica Incorporated (NYSE:CMA), KeyCorp....More>>>

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For many people, homeownership is a major life goal, and they spend years saving to purchase their first home. But should owning a home come at the expense of other financial goals, like saving for retirement?

The answer is no. But a January 2017 Bankrate survey found that, in fact, more than one in three mortgages has a major impact on the borrower’s ability to save. And that may mean....More>>>

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The U.S. Treasury market was under pressure all day and after the close of U.S. stocks is trading at 2.623%. The 10 year Treasury has not closed with a higher yield than that, since July 3rd 2014, almost 3 years ago.

While 2.62% may not be the vaunted Maginot line, it is at the upper end of a crucial level of support for treasuries and it has been broken.

10 Year Treasury Yields Since....More>>>

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Donald Trump’s comments yesterday about the drug industry when he stated that drug companies were “getting away with murder” tanked biotech stocks and the general indexes. Investors in this space must be worried in the event that Trump gains some traction in this sector and records some wins. At present, he is like a dog with a bone. In the automotive sector, for example, he is....More>>>

Top 5 Energy Stocks To Invest In 2017

Jiangnan Group (OTC:OTC:JNGHF) is one of the largest manufacturers in China of electricity wires and cables. At first, this seems like a very boring commodity industry that seems heavily exposed to a potential bubble. But taking a closer look reveals an industry with very attractive economics (if you are a large player) where peers tend to get high earnings multiples. And that tends towards consolidation.....More>>>