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stock trading for beginners

For many people, homeownership is a major life goal, and they spend years saving to purchase their first home. But should owning a home come at the expense of other financial goals, like saving for retirement?

The answer is no. But a January 2017 Bankrate survey found that, in fact, more than one in three mortgages has a major impact on the borrower’s ability to save. And that may mean....More>>>

stock market performance

In September 2015, Satish Mehta, the billionaire chief executive of the Indian drug company Emcure Pharmaceuticals, wrote an effusive email congratulating Jeffrey Glazer, the CEO of his U.S. crown jewel, Heritage Pharmaceuticals, on a job well done. “In a short span of 4.5 years, you have taken Heritage to another level,” Mehta wrote, adding that he considered Glazer to be “an....More>>>

Top 10 Clean Energy Stocks To Own Right Now

The number of customers opening new checking accounts and credit cards with Wells Fargo fell sharply in February, compared to a year earlier, as the bank seeks to contain the damages from a scandal that involved launching accounts withoutpermission.

Wells Fargo said that new consumer credit card applications fell 55% in February while consumer checking accounts declined 43%, compared to a....More>>>

IPO Looks Bright For Chinese Education Company Bright Scholar


Bright Scholar Education (Pending:BEDU) has filed for a $200 million IPO in the U.S. The IPO is expected for Wednesday 5.18; Bright Scholar is expected to offer 15 million shares at a price range of $8 to $10 per share.

The company plans to use proceeds to launch new schools and for curriculum design, brand promotion and marketing, as well as, other development and....More>>>

Top 5 Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Money is flowing into precious metals and the price action is strong. It looks like a classic “flight to safety” that should have some legs, explains Moby Waller, editor of Daily Profit.

The possible reasons for this move are myriad: among them are global uncertainty from the new Trump administration, China and India currency and political fluctuations, and U.S. dollar and....More>>>