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Hot Construction Stocks To Invest In 2017

Last week, news broke that Bayer (OTCPK:BAYZF) (OTCPK:BAYRY) had agreed to acquire Monsanto (NYSE:MON) in a deal valued at $128 per share, a hefty premium over where shares of the business were trading before rumors began circulating earlier this year about a potential acquisition and 25.7% above where shares of Monsanto are trading for as of the time of this writing. In this piece, I want to explore....More>>>

Top 10 Construction Material Stocks To Own For 2017

The September U.S. Dollar Index is trading at 96.20, down 0.28.

The U.S. dollar index is trading choppy and a little above the lows of the session.

Market talk about the just released Federal Reserve Beige Book and U.S. politics is making the rounds.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is scheduled to release PPI data (producer prices ) at 8:30 a.m. ET.
The Department....More>>>

Top Trucking Companies To Buy Right Now

Summer is the busiest season for weddings, and it’s very important for couples that are getting married to get their financial vows right, too.

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One of the biggest contributors to a successful marriage is communication and agreement over finances. Couples should openly discuss their core values and priorities with....More>>>

Hot Managed Healthcare Stocks To Invest In Right Now

This is a follow-up to my August 25th Seeking Alpha article, Gold Is Perilously Close To Multiple Sell Signals.

On Tuesday, gold broke down decisively through its previous support level at $1,300. This wasn’t just a “dip” below a support line, this was a $43 exclamation point that cannot be ignored. As pointed out in my previous article, gold has been in a long-term downtrend....More>>>