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Top 5 Specialty Retail Stocks To Buy For 2017

Baird’sBen Kallo andTyler Frank explain why they’d be buyers of Tesla Motors (TSLA) “at current levels”:

Associated Press

We are upgrading Teslato Outperform and raising our price target to $300. Webelieve investor skepticism has significantly increased since we downgraded TeslaonOct. 6, and although we were concerned about the rate of Model X deliveries,....More>>>

Top 10 Oil Companies To Buy For 2017

The Zephirin Group’s Longdley Zephirin contends that the oil market “needs to collapse before it can improve” but that didn’t stop him from upgrading Transocean (RIG), Diamond Offshore Drilling (DO), Ensco (ESV), and Rowan (RDC). He explains why:

In our opinion, the industry and investors are waiting for oil prices to increase to propel the industry forward for the....More>>>

Top Companies To Buy Right Now

The current liability limit for lost or delayed luggage is $3,500 per passenger for domestic trips, according to But what about the baggage fees you paid to check that lost or delayed luggage? Well, thats another story.

An airline may be gracious enough to refund your luggage fees, but its not required to do so. In fact, while airlines specifically mention their liability....More>>>

Top 5 Construction Stocks To Own For 2017

Most games in life are cooperative. Many are competitive. A few are perverse.

That’s what the crude oil market is like today. It reminds me of the prisoner’s dilemma. In the prisoner’s dilemma, two parties that would benefit from cooperating together tend not to do so because of other incentives that if both follow, they will both end up in a worse place.

This stems....More>>>